A healthy mind in a healthy body Not only a phrase but the order of the day

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease – World Health Organization 

On the brink of 2022, IMFA established Medical Care, an integrative rehabilitation center in Israel, that implemented a rehabilitative integrative protocol as part of every basic treatment of every patient. We follow a treatment protocol that is focused on our patients’ emotional needs just as strongly as it is focused on their physical needs. We provide them with emotional empowerment tools and techniques. The protocol is designed for people rehabilitating from serious illnesses or accidents who are currently hospitalized. 

Medical Care was established with the goal of becoming the leading medical center for integrative rehabilitation that will bring forward a new and unique method of rehabilitation protocol. The protocol includes advanced medical rehabilitation, based on advanced conventional medicine at the forefront of its scientific field while using a supporting rehabilitation process that integrates the mind-body-soul approach and focuses on the emotional aspect of falling ill, getting sick, and recovering from it. 

As part of our integrative treatment approach, our patients receive the utmost advanced medical treatment, with supportive emotional treatment, that empowers and strengthens their motivation to follow through the painful process of rehabilitation and to enjoy a meaningful and good life once again. 

Both our staff and the patients’ families receive supportive emotional treatments so that they can strengthen their mental stability and administer the best treatment possible for the patients. 

IMFA is a non-profit that aims to promote and broaden access to integrative medical practices globally and in Israel. It was founded with the goal of bringing awareness to the benefits of integrative medicine, to promoting it as a legitimate and effective healthcare approach that is accessible to every household. 

For that reason, IMFA operates an integrative rehabilitation center, accessible to broad parts of the population. 

Integrative medicine treats every patient as a holistic entity of mind-body-soul, in the belief that curing the soul and strengthening the mind is an integral part of the treatment as a whole.

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IMFA sees a person as a holistic being, whose integrated nature consists of mind, body, and spirit. These are the three fundamental elements of human wellness. All three elements are equally significant, therefore, they ought to receive equal medical care and attention, with the goal of creating a sustainable healthy balance between them. This wellness balance between the three fundamental elements of human nature is the secret to good health, joy, and contentment in life.

Medical treatment by Integrative Medicine methods includes:

Physical treatment of the body – raising and maintaining high body vitality in order to awaken the body’s self-healing power and to boost the body’s natural immunity capacity in the face of diseases and illnesses resulting from internal as well as external sources.

Emotional therapy – resolving emotional conflicts as well as hidden or exposed unprocessed or untreated traumas. These traumas, when left untreated, leave a real physical neurological imprint on the body. They destabilize the body’s natural fundamental balance, cause chronic energy loss, and weaken the body’s natural self-healing and immunity powers, thus exposing the body to serious and chronic health conditions.

Spiritual therapy – is about finding the connection to each person’s true purpose in life, to the inner gift that each person was born to bring forth into this world, and to the meaning of life, for which it is worthwhile to get up every morning and pursue fulfillment.

IMFA was established to increase public awareness of the qualities and advantages of Integrative Medicine; to promote IM as a legitimate, effective, and widely recognized wellness approach; and to contribute to a reality in which there is equal accessibility of IM treatments to every person and to every home.

Trauma therapy – IMFA has set its sights on mobilizing for people who live in the shadow of trauma, to provide suitable conditions for their mind and body to process the trauma, and to enable them to return to normal functioning, self-realization and a healthy life. The therapeutic methods in integrative medicine specialize in the treatment of unprocessed traumas. The emotional and energetic therapeutic methods help patients extract the trauma from their subconscious and resurface it so that it can be dealt with, and reprocessed and thus reduce its negative impact on their life.

Medical Care Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

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Eli Yahalom, MBA, Ph.D.

Eli Yahalom, Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy (Microbiology), The Hebrew University, M.B.A., High-Tech Management, College of Management

Eli Yahalom has over thirty years of experience in business development, technological innovation management, global marketing operations and starting new businesses and companies in Israel and world-wide, focusing on transforming scientific research into marketable products, with emphasis on environment preservation and sustainability.  

Currently he is the founder and CEO of EarthShading, a company which develops reflective-zone technologies for decreasing global temperatures.

In the past, Eli served in many managerial roles such as:

a Project Manager at IAI-PNG (Papua New Gini), Managing the production of 15 million coffee trees to be planted by 5000 smallholder growers,

CEO of Afeka Yissumim (part time) an academic College of Engineering with 3600 students,

Founder & C.E.O. of BondX Technologies developing natural additives for the paper industry,

CEO of Kinrot Technological Incubator, dedicated to water technologies.

Eli is a chairman of 6 companies and director in 12.