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So many people live in constant suffering and disability because they have no access to effective Integrative Medicine treatments.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine does not have all the answers. However, Integrative Medicine has been proven effective in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, enabling people to heal, to resume their functionality and to live full lives.

Here is where YOU can make a difference: 
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There are many types of pain that only IM can treat effectively. We cordially invite you to join the IMFA cause, and take somebody’s pain away. Make a donation today!  

Donate Today,
Take Somebody’s Pain Away

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Michal Tsarfati - Efrat(Ph.D.)

Michal is an investor and entrepreneur, with a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from Bircham University and a Master’s degree in Management and Behavioral Sciences.
With two decades of experience in business development and building marketing strategies.
Established a philanthropic venture “Nutrition for health”
* Chairman of the Combat  venture association
* Director and mentor in various start-up companies
* Member of the Board of the Kamari Theater
* A director of the “Tuda’a” organization, which operates an educational program and a simulator that trains teenagers to deal with situations of sexual abuse.

Michal believes in Lifelong learning as a key to success in professional and personal life.