Donate to Promote Clinical Research

One of IMFA’s most important initiatives is the funding of clinical research in cooperation with major hospitals. Research and research-based articles in leading professional journals, constitute the best way to prove and establish the effectiveness of IM therapies. Unequivocal research results and publications will enable professional national institutions to embrace IM more easily, and to defend their decision to subsidize IM therapies in favor of the public’s medical needs, as required, in the same way things are done for conventional medical practices.

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In order to achieve all of the above, IMFA will need funding for the purpose of:

Donate to Promote Clinical Research

Eli Yahalom, MBA, Ph.D.

Eli Yahalom, Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy (Microbiology), The Hebrew University, M.B.A., High-Tech Management, College of Management

Eli Yahalom has over thirty years of experience in business development, technological innovation management, global marketing operations and starting new businesses and companies in Israel and world-wide, focusing on transforming scientific research into marketable products, with emphasis on environment preservation and sustainability.  

Currently he is the founder and CEO of EarthShading, a company which develops reflective-zone technologies for decreasing global temperatures.

In the past, Eli served in many managerial roles such as:

a Project Manager at IAI-PNG (Papua New Gini), Managing the production of 15 million coffee trees to be planted by 5000 smallholder growers,

CEO of Afeka Yissumim (part time) an academic College of Engineering with 3600 students,

Founder & C.E.O. of BondX Technologies developing natural additives for the paper industry,

CEO of Kinrot Technological Incubator, dedicated to water technologies.

Eli is a chairman of 6 companies and director in 12.