Our Vision, and a Word from the Chairman of the Board

Modern medicine is all about treatment which is focused on a specific ailment or body organ. In contrast, the Integrative Medicine approach perceives a body as one complete unit and not as a compilation of organs. It perceives a human as an integrated body-mind-spirit being, in which all three elements work together as one dynamic essence in the deepest levels.  Thus, according to Integrative Medicine, treating physical symptoms alone could not be enough, but rather wellness can be reached and achieved only when providing inclusive comprehensive care to the entire unit, body, mind and spirit.

The year 2020, which introduced COVID-19 crisis into our lives, evidently did one thing right. It helped us push the integrative approach to the medical front-stage discourse. Throughout the recent pandemic inflicted years, it became quite clear that our mental health is of great influence to our physical health, and that pressure, anxiety and traumas that go untreated, contribute to the outburst of diseases and to the weakening of our body’s immune and  resilience capacities.  

IMFA was established after a long period in which hard proof, that Integrative Medicine works, has been reaching us stronger and firmer than ever before. It is a non-profit organization, established in order to leverage the window of opportunity that was created by COVID-19 and to achieve:

  • A radical shift in the public perception and acceptance of IM health services in Israel as well as worldwide.
  • A broadening of the conventional medicine approach
  • An establishment of the Integrative Medicine approach as a legitimate, effective and practical health practice, which should be available to any person who wishes to receive it.

I am happy and excited to welcome each and every one of you, advocates of IM, who understand that true healing must involve not only our body but also our mind and spirit, to join us, to contribute, and to take part in promoting one of the most important health and wellness revolutions in the modern history of medicine.

With my best wishes of health and wellness,

Gilad Segev

Chairman of the Board

Gilad Segev

Shauli Paz

CEO's statement

The integrative approach sees not only the injury that needs to be healed but also the individual as a whole—body, mind, and spirit. This approach emphasizes holistic healing, running parallel to medical rehabilitation, providing, and empowering the soul and spirit.

IMFA (Integrative Medicine For All), was born out of a vision to promote integrative medicine in Israel and around the world. We decided to take on the initiative of establishing the first integrative rehabilitation hospital in Israel—Medical Care, with a unique combined medical protocol of body and soul. We operate with the goal of providing the best possible rehabilitative care, encompassing both physical and emotional treatment, to all patients and their families.

Within our integrated protocol, patients receive advanced medical treatment at the highest level, combined with supportive emotional therapy that strengthens motivation to overcome the challenging and painful rehabilitation process, enabling them to return to good and meaningful lives.

Family members and our medical teams also receive supportive emotional care to develop emotional resilience and stability, allowing them to continue providing optimal care for the patients.

Today, after October 7th, there is no longer a need to promote treating the trauma at the same time with the injury or the disease.

I invite you, patients, family members, and professionals in various rehabilitation, medical, and emotional fields, to join us in the innovative and groundbreaking rehabilitation circle at Medical Care!

IMFA’s vision has become a reality with the opening of Medical Care at June 2022 and its growing ever since.

IMFA’s goals are:​

Operating Management


Shauli Paz



lior Ashkenazi


Members of Board

Dr. Eli Yahalom

Gilad Segev


Zehava Martonovich

Audit Committee

Anat Ben Baruch

Michal Marom Brikman

Members of Association

limor Shufman Gutman

Dalit Vardi

Hezi Meshita

Rear admiral

Shauli Paz, CEO

Attorney and manager, with 30 years of experience in management of hospitals and health systems, a multidisciplinary therapist and founder of the InHeal therapy method which integrates medical and emotional trauma therapy protocols.

Lior Ashkenazi

Served for many years as CFO and board member in EWAVE Group and in KOI, has managed a complex process of selling one of the group companies to a huge European company. Experienced in managing nonprofit organizations as CEO, familiar with all aspects of financial administration and management

Eli Yahalom, MBA, Ph.D.

Eli Yahalom, Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy (Microbiology), The Hebrew University, M.B.A., High-Tech Management, College of Management

Eli Yahalom has over thirty years of experience in business development, technological innovation management, global marketing operations and starting new businesses and companies in Israel and world-wide, focusing on transforming scientific research into marketable products, with emphasis on environment preservation and sustainability.  

Currently he is the founder and CEO of EarthShading, a company which develops reflective-zone technologies for decreasing global temperatures.

In the past, Eli served in many managerial roles such as:

a Project Manager at IAI-PNG (Papua New Gini), Managing the production of 15 million coffee trees to be planted by 5000 smallholder growers,

CEO of Afeka Yissumim (part time) an academic College of Engineering with 3600 students,

Founder & C.E.O. of BondX Technologies developing natural additives for the paper industry,

CEO of Kinrot Technological Incubator, dedicated to water technologies.

Eli is a chairman of 6 companies and director in 12.

Gilad Segev

Gilad Segev – Chairman of the NGO – For the past 13 years he has been the VP of Marketing and Business Development in Israel for Clalit Health Services Group (Clalit Smile, Clalit Complementary Medicine, Clalit Aesthetics). In this framework he was among the leaders in promoting the field of complementary medicine In Israel – both in the level of awareness of complementary treatments among the people of Israel, and in connection with conventional medicine. I see my work to promote complementary medicine as a personal vocation and a national mission.

Zehava Martonovitz

Zehava Martonovitz – member of the board of directors – for the past 15 years, she has held the position of CEO of large business divisions in the Osem-Nestle group, and was trained as a business coach and consultant for organizations. Zehava has many years of experience in managing large systems in multinational companies, and she initiated multi-pronged business moves in horizontal management and broad business management.

Anat Ben Baruch

Marketing, strategy and business development manager and a member of the management committee in Shibolet attorney’s offices; has a vast experience in marketing, communication, Bis-Dev, PR and general management; volunteers and mentors in Tecnovation IL- young entrepreneurship for girls, and in IVN – helping raise social impact investing and entrepreneurship in Israel.

Michal Marom Brikman

An Israeli CPA since 1999; Holds MSF from an American business college; Served as a CFO in several companies, including High-tech, real-estate, and others; A director in several Israeli and global companies; serves as a member of the Investment and Finance Committee of Soraski Hospital.

Limor Shufman Gutman

A Capital Markets leading lawyer; Director in G Gity, an international real estate public company; Impact Entrepreneur; Chairwoman of ProWoman, an NGO for women leadership; Director at “Nachum Gutman” Museum; Mentor of managers and entrepreneurs

Dalit Vardi

Dedicated and results-oriented leader in real estate, blending expertise in law, business management, and therapeutic practices. Passionate about integrating well-being into the workforce for thriving environments. As Chief People Officer at Reality Group, managed strategic talent acquisition, foster a positive culture, and lead ESG initiatives. Additionally, as a Co-founder of the ‘Advot’ Fund, spearhead efforts to integrate integrative medicine into Israel’s public health system, focusing on patient well-being and strategic partnerships.

Hezi Meshita

Hezi Meshita has had a distinguished career, retiring as a Rear Admiral after 30
years of naval service. With an EMBA in Business Administration from Tel-Aviv
University and a BA in Economics and Political Science from Bar Ilan
University, in his Post-military service, he played a crucial roles in the Ministry
of Defense, heading the rehabilitation department as a senior manager. he
also served in key roles such as Naval Attache in Washington D.C., 3rd Flotilla
Commander, and Director of Naval Intelligence.